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This is just a quick post to say a huge great big thank you to Great Uncle Bunny Chow who came all the way from the safe warm climes of the Namibian coast to a cold wet England to visit The Monkey and The Bug.

Your visit was hugely enjoyed by the whole family, I know that Mrs BC has always looked up to you and I know it meant the world to her to be able to show you our little home and have you with us during this exciting period of the children’s young lives. I know that she’s going to miss having you around in the coming days.

We all had a fantastic time getting away from London in Milton on Sea, I know that Bunny Chow had a fantastic time running to her heart’s content on the beach, I also thoroughly enjoyed sharing a jar or three of ale with you. I did manage to take some pictures which I hope you enjoy perusing.

I hope that you get lots and lots of use out of the chefs knives I gave you and hope that you’ll send me pictures of your culinary adventures.

Anyway that’s all I have to say for now Bon Voyage and until the next time thank you again Great Uncle Bunny Chow we loved having you and hope you’ll come again in better weather, so that we can show you more of our grey little island.

To all the rest of you have a fantastic holiday season and take care


Mr Bunny Chow