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Those of you who pay any attention to my admittedly still developing photographic style will have realised that I have a passion for Black and White and also taking pictures of gritty urban signs preferably ones that have gone a bit rusty around the edges.

I was obviously really excited then when I saw that this week the suggested theme from the Project 52 group on Google+ that I’m loosely following through this project was signs. It got me thinking though and whilst I could cover old ground why should I.

I realised whilst I was wandering around my home town late at night walking the dog and looking at all of the cool and interesting signs that I’ve already photographed all of the ones that I like or find interesting, and the whole point behind this project for me was to do something new.

So my submission this week is not actually a sign but I liked the gableing around the sign-writing and the drip lines where the roof leaks a little.

I’m also going to give you five alternatives below which more closely match the brief, please let me know your thoughts.

project 52-6 signs

 All of these pictures were taken on my little Canon IXUS 107 and then edited in either google+ or picasa I’m still not brave enough to do anything other than play with GIMP and can’t afford Adobe’s Creative Suite or any of its components at the moment. 


week 6 alternatives 1

Danger of Death

week 6 alternatives 2
Mini Tuning Bay

week 6 alternatives 3Running Foxweek 6 alternatives 4


week 6 alternatives 5