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One of my blogging friends Zelmare has recently been blessed with the arrival of a new calf in her herd of Brahman’s, she’s also been kind enough to be encouraging of my doodlings in the past and I’ve long been promising and failing to do a doodle for her, well failed promises are no more this Brahman calf is for you Zelmare.

brahman calf

a Brahman Calf for Zelmare

I hope you like him and he brings you luck.

I’d love also love for you to have the original so please email me via and we’ll see if I can get it to you in South Africa.


Mr Bunny Chow




firstly the big news of the day, I have just discovered that I am related to Zimbabwe’s big olympic medal hope, the beautiful Kirsty Coventry, she’s a close relative, she’s my mothers, cousins, grandsons fiance. So there you go I’m related to an olympic medal winner, world champion, world record-breaking athlete, who’d have thunk it.

Anyway this week I’m clutching at the most tenuous of straws again when it comes to following the guidelines of this project (Animals) but after taking several dozen pictures of Bunny Chow this week I’ve not really been very pleased with any of them and my cants have been uncooperative then this morning I’ve been doodling whilst on the phone at work and before I knew it I’d doodled this picture of Wol who I’m very proud of.

Owl took Christopher Robin’s notice from Rabbit and looked at it nervously. He could spell his own name WOL, and he could spell Tuesday so that you knew it wasn’t Wednesday, and he could read quite comfortably when you weren’t looking over his shoulder and saying “Well?” all the time, and he could……A.A.Milne

In case you are wondering about my spelling Wol refers back to several quotes from the dyslexic Owl in the genius of the great A A Milne’s House at Poo Corner. In case you are wondering about what sort of owl Wol is the answer is he’s a generic horned owl from my imagination. Maybe a Scops Owl because they’re cute and go prrrp.

Hope you’ve had a great week, next week we’re going to be looking at textures until then


Mr Bunny Chow

continuing on with my quick posts for Nick and Shannon‘s July community collaboration scavenger hunt I want to share this doodle of mine of a Zebu or Brahman style bull to fit the category for what’s your sign.

I have not shown anyone any of my doodling since I was at school many many moons ago and ummed and aaaahed for a long time before posting this but eventually decided that even if you think the drawing sucks then at least I’ve had the courage to show it, better to try and fail than not try at all.

  • “Chuck Norris Was Here”
  • “Big Foot Footprint”
  • Reflected Love
  • Abstract Self Portrait
  • Framed Moon
  • “Whats your sign”
  • Anti-gravity
  • Unusual Perspective
  • Abandoned
  • Silence
  • Pride and Joy
  • Emerging Star
  • Buried Treasure
  • Sparkler fun
  • Clownin Around Upside-down
  • Lyric Quotograph
  • Summer
  • Patriotism
  • Night

Have a Great weekend guys


Mr Bunny Chow