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A couple of weeks ago I created a post asking for advice from you my dear friends of the blogosphere and in return I offered a print to my favourite comment, we’ll get to the winner in a moment but I just wanted to apologise first for being so quiet of late, I’ve been incredibly busy around the house with the boys. I’ve also been out and about on the town with the wonderful creative partnership that is Lenses of Croydon I’m really excited to have become involved with them and no doubt you will be hearing more from me about them in the coming weeks months and years.

I have decided for the time being not to exhibit my work, this is in the most part due to the cost vs. reward I’m sure you all understand that raising kids is not a cheap exercise and whilst I’m fairly confident that the exhibition would have just about broken even I’m not confident that any real money would have been made and when belts are as tight as mine and Mrs BC’s even the small outlay is beyond the current budget.

I of course reserve the right as always to change my mind in the future when metaphoric belts are loosened.

Thank you all for your feedback I greatly appreciate it.

Back to excuses, I have managed to complete a diploma in photography, I doubt it’s going to make me any money either but I thoroughly enjoyed it and certainly learned a fair bit. Since completing it I’ve enrolled on another course with I’ve picked up a little freelance web design work for a local photographer and am deep within the throes of forcing my eldest to abandon Nappies/Diapers in favour of the big boys toilet. My youngest also stole my mouse and has a habit of switching off the computer in the middle of whatever I am doing so if this post seems disjointed that would be because I’ve abandoned and returned to it several times in fits of rage.

Oh yes, my favourite feedback actually came through Google+ and was made by an old school friend the hugely talented musician Matthew Gair, I’ve written about him before although not for some time so please do take a moment to give him a listen.

I’ve included a few recent pictures below from my adventures with the Lenses of Croydon Family for your perusal and commenting pleasure.

Big Cock

Big Cock

Man in a snakeskin suit

Man in a snakeskin suit



Smile London

Smile London

Thank you all again


Mr Bunny Chow


So here we go the first of at least three posts about the quotography project I’m taking part in with Nick Exposed and Seeing Spots 

I won’t go into great detail about the project as Nick and Shannon’s posts explain it in much greater detail but general idea is that all participants submitted three quotes and received three in return that they then needed to interpret and depict photographically.

My first quote was “it’s never just an ordinary day” which is the slogan for the Calgary Science School which is a publicly (well if your from Alberta) funded junior school with a different approach to education.

It’s never just an ordinary day

The first shot I took with this quote in mind is rather surreal, taken on a slow exposure of a guy walking across a bridge taken from his ankle height. I liked the way that the light changed as he moved across the shot and that something so simple could become extraordinary when viewed through my lens.

But because I’m indecisive I am also sharing a second more traditional shot just showing a little of natures majesty on a gloomy spring evening.

it’s never just an ordinary day take 2

Hard to believe that scenes like this are available to us even in the heart of a thriving city like London.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into my slightly odd creative thought processes.


Mr Bunny Chow

Greetings to you all,

It’s that time again, all be it a little later than is perhaps usual for me to share with you my photo of the week.

This week the suggested theme was Planes, Trains and Automobiles, something that I initially thought I would find easy but then I realised that being the geek that I am I have already photographed all of the interesting cars that are regularly in my area, trains are boring as all hell and despite visits to the airport this week I failed to photograph any planes.

Fear not though as I persevered and have gone back to my roots with a rather dark and grungy picture of a BMW that whilst I certainly don’t lust after I cannot help but admire its cold efficient german industrial lines.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

As is my prerogative I’m going to include a couple of also ran but didn’t quite make it shots for you to contemplate and share your thoughts on. 

as you can see this is a boat so doesn't quite fit the theme, I think it's a pretty boat though so I'm going to add it to the mix.

the antithesis of the cold hard German, the building in the background is The Bank of England, I like the photo but it missed out on the top spot as I don't think that it's technically a very good photo despite the emotive response it generates.

again not technically a great photograph but the guy on the bike was so friendly, he noticed me trying to take his pic when another biker pulled alongside him and blocked my view then when the lights changed he stayed back and hooted so that I could grab the shot before he pulled off. Unfortunately my focus was slightly off in my rush not to inconvenience him.

Next week we’re playing with light so until then. TTFN Mr Bunny Chow