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Well I’ve managed to stick to at least the first week of my two resolutions, I’ll be posting about the culinary experience on but I have managed to take a new and unique photo to share with you here.

the picture was taken using Hipstamatic on the iPhone 4 and I further lowered the exposure using the creative tools on Google+ I’ve gone on a bit of a dark and dreary bender for really underexposed black and white at the moment so I suspect quite a few of my early pictures in this series will have a similar feel. 

Project 52 Week 1

Please let me know what you think of the picture and let me know if you’d like a copy sans the amateur watermarks.


Mr Bunny Chow



As some of you will know I’m an amateur when it comes to photography but it’s a medium I adore and am always looking to learn.

I shoot a lot using my iPhone 4 and it’s built-in camera as well as several of the well-known apps like hipstamatic and instagram to play with colours etc which is great fun and certainly easy to create stunning and thoughtful pictures with.

Earlier in the year we were burgled and our insurance payout meant that I could replace my old Fuji S5000, with a more modern camera and following much soul searching and thought decided against buying a full fat DSLR, partly because of the prohibitive cost of zoom lenses and even more because of the flexibility given by modern super zoom bridge camera’s right out of the box.

I researched dozens of models but having so loved my old Fuji I set my heart on the excellent HS20EXR it’s a stunning bit of kit with a zoom range from 24mm to 720mm equivalent or 30x optical zoom in new money. It also retained my preference for using standard AA batteries as rechargeables are cheap and they’re available worldwide.

In the few months that I’ve had it I’ve managed to capture some stunning pictures and I’ve not regretted my choice one iota.

As a father of two under two’s I don’t have a huge amount of free time to go out and play with my camera, but alongside taking hundreds of pictures of them I’m hoping to set myself some challenges or learning assignments to take my photography to the next level and would appreciate any reader ideas and feedback for what I should take on.

I’d also be keen on taking part in photowalks in the greater London area if anyone knows of any coming up.

As time is not something I have in abundance I’m also keen to try to keep my photography pure and stay out of the editing room so am not interested in learning about HDR style photography or playing in lightroom or other expensive adobe software hourstealers. I might use Picnik to change to black and white and fill highlights or shadows but that’s my lot.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Mr Bunny Chow

My Fuji HS20EXR it’s an amazing camera for a keen amateur like me. See the brilliant review on

My Amazon Kindle. I love books I own thousands of them but for convenience it’s a reading experience second to none except maybe a real book but then you’d have to lug it about and be stuck once you finished it miles from home. Seemless integration with the iPhone and PC apps (there is one for Android too) is also a huge bonus.

My iPhone. I know the android fans out there will rant on and on but for me personally I prefer the interface even if Android has products out there that are technically superior Sense just doesn’t float my boat. I have nothing against Android they make some fine products they’re just not for me.

My Courtney Boots. They originally cost my father somewhere in the region of £500gpb but that was 14 years ago now and I’ve walked literally thousands of miles in them. Mine are the original Courtney model with elephant, buffalo and giraffe hides with Dunlop tyre tread soles. They are currently back at the factory in Bulawayo being refurbished (every stitch redone and new soles) a service for which they are charging only £36gpb. So whilst they may sound expensive they last forever and you can’t say that about much these days. They’re also a lot cheaper than they used to be available in the UK from around £200. All be it with only buffalo hide now available. see for global suppliers or if you’re in the UK.

My Tag Heuer Aquaracer. I mentioned in my introduction that we had been burgled this year and of the items stolen this included my grandfathers 50’s vintage Omega Seamaster and Sharon’s Fathers Pierre Cardin watch. More Than insurance although a little slow did not quibble any of our claim and very kindly arranged Vouchers for us to use in Earnest Jones or H Samuel (they would have paid out cash but at a lower value, I assume they get a kick back and this is fair enough) After much deliberation I decided that rather than purchase another Omega Seamaster that I would split the future family heirloom and on the advice of the excellent staff in Croydon’s branch of Ernest Jones chose a lovely stylish but simple Tag Heuer Aquaracer.
Tag Heuer Aquaracer Mens Watch WAF1110.BA0800

My Raymond Weil Maestro 2827. This less well known swiss manufacturer has only been in business for 40 odd years a smidge in comparison to the history of Heuer but I couldn’t resist the elegant simplicity of this watch with it’s open balance wheel and the fact that it actually uses the same ETA (part of the Swatch Group) designed movement as the Tag convinced me to part with the other half of the insurance payout.

My Le Crueset cookwear. I have a large and a small frying pan, griddle, and small pot. There is no reason to believe that my children will not inherit these along with the above watches.

My Swiss Army knife, my personal preferance is for the climber model which I feel has the best combination of small portable size and having enough tools to be useful every day. You will very rarely find me without it in my pocket, in fact flights will be about the only time.

I will periodically add more items to this list as I think of them


Mr Bunny Chow