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my latest luck

Posted: 05/08/2011 in HDNL

As I’ve mentioned in some of my background info Mrs Bunny Chow is currently carrying our second son and as a sensible and practical woman, unlike any other woman I’ve ever known is only in possession of one pair of comfortable shoes. Her current pair purchased almost two years ago now are absolutely falling to pieces.

Being the sweet, thoughtful and caring husband I am, I armed myself with her shoe size and ordered a pair of trainers for her from Amazon, a company who I would wholeheartedly recommend as the first place to look for just about anything you fancy, need it or not they probably have several versions of it at sensible prices.

I’ve been spending far too much of my expendable and not so expendable income with them for years with very few issues along the way.

The first pair I ordered arrived at my place of work within the usual 24 hours (I’m a Prime Subscriber), unfortunately due to either the vagaries of shoe sizing between manufacturers or Mrs Bunny Chows pregnant feet they were a tiny bit too small. Not a problem, Amazon have an excellent returns scheme so I returned pair one, (actually I have gotten as far as printing the returns label and the box is still sitting in front of me) and ordered the next size up expecting them to arrive as normal by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

When they hadn’t arrived on Tuesday I discovered through Amazon’s tracking service that they had attempted delivery but been unable to locate my office. Confused but still understanding I rang the offices of HDNL on the difficult to track down number of 0870 154 5400. This masquerades as an automated service but someone will eventually answer. The young lady I spoke to was indifferent to the point of rudeness but explained to me that they had been unable to make sense of our address and hadn’t thought to phone me for instructions or perhaps just drive down the major road on which my office is located looking for a giant aircraft hanger with big bold Germanic signs on the side of it and shiny colourful cars advertising the fact that this is indeed a Car Dealership.

I don’t believe for a minute that they did in fact attempt delivery but none the less I remained patient after receiving assurances that they would deliver the following day (Wednesday) and I even gave them directions that even a moron could follow and my contact number should these prove to be too difficult. By Wednesday afternoon Amazon’s tracking service still indicated that my parcel was still in their Mitcham depot. I called the hard to find number of¬†0870 154 5400 and asked to speak to a manager when I was told that redelivery had not been requested. When a manager eventually decided to make herself available she said that she was unsure why redelivery was not scheduled and could offer no further light on why their driver had been unable to locate our huge dealership. She said that she would request delivery for Thursday instead. I expressed my distaste at this lack of service and expressed my extreme disappointment, even going as far as explaining about Mrs Bunny Chows dying trainers who’s soles are now barely hanging on.

Mrs Manager was unsympathetic but on my insistence she agreed to try and track down the parcel and get it in a truck that afternoon. She would call me back once she was sure if this was possible.

To her credit she did indeed call me back about an hour later with reassurance that my parcel was on a truck and would be with me by the end of the day.

Needless to say by Thursday morning , nothing, nout, nada, so back on the phone to the irritating contact centre of HDNL. The first two jobsworths I spoke to point blank refused to put me through to a supervisor saying that it was against company policy for them to even enquire of their supervisors whether they could come to the phone and eventually hung up on me without even putting me on hold or attempting to ask their supervisors to speak with me. They really were skilled in obstinance a skill that I’m sure will get them far in life. Not once did either of them ask me what my complaint was regarding or see if they could attempt to appease me themselves.

My third call was cut off before I even got to speak to someone, but call four bore some fruit in that I managed to get a manager to come to the phone. She of course denied that it was company policy for supervisors to speak to members of the public or that their staff were not permitted to seek the assistance of a supervisor.

She promised to look into where my parcel was and ensure it was out for delivery the following day (Friday now) again I expressed my extreme displeasure so with some reluctance yet another HDNL manager agreed to try and track down my parcel and ensure it went out for delivery the same day.

At this point I also contacted Amazon directly, they were great, they offered to cancel the order and refund me, the offered to send a different colour (the same were out of stock now) and when I declined these options agreed to also chase HDNL directly. Amazon called me back within the hour to say that my order had been loaded on a van at 11:36 and was now out for delivery.


This morning I have been in contact with Amazon directly again as their tracking page never updated overnight from out for delivery.

They chased HDNL on my behalf and were told that the driver had attempted delivery at 17:35 last night but the office was closed. We are officially open till 18:00 and there is normally someone about till closer to 7pm.

They have sent out the parcel on yet another van earlier today apparently so that they will get to the office before we close.

I wait with bated breath

It’s now nearly 15:00 on Friday the 5th, still no delivery.

The temptation to shout and lose my temper is all encompassing, but I started this Blog in order to give me free reign over my rants without the need to raise my blood pressure.

I will keep you posted dear readers

Finally a battered and filthy box was delivered at just after 17:00, glad it only contained shoes and not something especially valuable or breakable.


Mr Bunny Chow