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Hi Guys,

Pete and I did start making a video last week of us making some Medlar Jelly but unfortunately, there was a family emergency on Pete’s side and whilst we finished the Jam the video was abandoned. We’re still begging for Cancer money though so please click here and give all you can to us or any cancer charity of your choosing.

The reason for all the ooh’s is because my blogging buddy and amazing Author T.B. Markinson has a new book coming out in December and it’s a prequel to the fantastic A Woman Lost which you can currently get a free copy of by signing up to her list. I’ll leave you with her press release and an excerpt below and promise to be back soon with more video’s, I hope you’re all as excited as I am.



ACluelessWoman (3)

Graduate student Lizzie Petrie feels more comfortable around books than people. Although an

expert in the Hitler Youth, she’s a novice in love. Her former lesbian lover is blackmailing her,

and not even those closest to Lizzie know the full story of their abusive relationship.

When visiting high school English teacher Sarah crosses Lizzie’s path at the campus, their

attraction is instant, but not without complications. As they start to spend more time together,

suspicions arise from both women in this sexy piece of LGBT fiction.

Plenty of good-natured teasing takes place between lovers as well as between PhD students in

this lesbian contemporary romance. No relationship path ever runs smoothly, and oftentimes,

those who can’t keep their mouth shut hasten necessary confrontation.

Lizzie finds herself buried in a mess of lies in this romantic comedy. The harder she tries to keep

Sarah and the rest of her friends from finding out the truth about her first girlfriend, the more

endearingly clueless she becomes.

About the Author:

T. B. Markinson is an American writer, living in England. When she isn’t writing, she’s traveling

the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs, or taking the dog for a walk. Not

necessarily in that order.

Mailing List:

Get the first book in the series, A Woman Lost, for FREE by signing up to TB’s Readers’ Group here.


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“Do you think I’m pathetic?” I asked Ethan as he added gobs of sugar to his Starbucks house blend.

He dipped his head almost a foot and peered at me through his spectacles. “How am I supposed to answer that?”

“Honestly. Do you think I’m pathetic?”

Ethan maneuvered his lanky frame past three untidy tables and I followed, grimacing at the messiness of the place, until we settled on one that was almost clean. It was a little after ten on Saturday, and although it was quiet now, the early morning rush must have taken the staff by surprise. Two teenagers leaned against the counter, dazed and confused.

“Okay, what’s got your panties in a bunch this morning?” Ethan set down his coffee, took off his coke-bottle thick glasses, and cleaned them with a cloth.

“The other night, William and Janice got on my case about how long it’s been since I experienced The Big O.” I didn’t bother whispering the last part. Aside from the employees behind the counter, the place was deserted.

“The Big O?” He hitched up one of his thin eyebrows.

“You know. In bed.”

“Oh, you mean the last time you had an orgasm.” He wiped both eyes with his fingers before replacing his glasses. “And?”

“And what?”

He snorted. “When was the last time?”

I scratched my chin. “Not sure really. Meg.”

“That was well over a year ago.”

“Good grief. Not you as well. For someone who doesn’t like sex, I didn’t think you would gang up on me, too.”

“Gang up on you?” He laughed. “I’m just curious.” He ignored my comment about not liking sex. With the exception of coffee, Ethan disliked fluids of all types, but especially bodily fluids. It made me wonder how he’d managed to get married. “And their comments got you thinking?” he added.

“Yes. I mean no. Maybe,” I stammered. “I just keep thinking about it.”

“About what? The Big O or not having anyone in your life?” As usual, Ethan hit the nail on the head.

“Just the other day, I ran into one of my former professors. This guy is ancient, in a wheelchair, and he smells like an old person who’s about to move on to the next world. Out of the blue he started telling me about how he and his lady friend went to the movies. I was flabbergasted. How did he have a lady friend? I don’t even have a pet. Not even a goldfish.”

“Do you want a lady friend?” Ethan’s tone bordered on teasing.



Has it really been over a month since I last shared something with you?

Seriously I am a bad bad blogger.



I’m going to keep this post short and sweet too as I just wanted to tell you about a fantastic novel I read recently by one of my blogging friends TBM. She was kind enough to send me a preview copy but you can download your’s from this link.


It’s essentially a romance novel and if I’m honest I’m not a great reader or lover of general chick lit, but because it was written by a friend I dived right in and lo and behold there I was at 3 am emailing her about how much I’d loved it and wrapped up in the whole thing. Seriously this is not your usual chick lit, this has steamy lesbian romps, it has humour it has relationship stuff that red-blooded males can relate to alongside beautiful romance and sweetness.

Please Support TBM and buy this book.

I promise I’ll be back soon (maybe even later today) with some pretty pictures from a recent photo shoot.


Mr Bunny Chow


I’m moving all of my future product reviews over to their own tab and keeping the original section for my rants and essays.

I also hope that as many of you will take advantage of the items reccomended in my little shop, there are some bargains to be had.

I really do appreciate all of my readers and appreciate the feedback I have received since starting up at the beginning of August.

Please keep your thoughts coming and let me know of any idea’s that you have.


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book review

Posted: 27/08/2011 in Book Reviews, idiots, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe

My latest book is one of the most upsetting I have ever read, Mugabe and the White African is the story of a White Zimbabwean farmer and his family standing up to the Zimbabwean government in an effort to remain on thier farm an in their homes.

It tells tales of abuse of power, corruption, greed and downright sickening evil.

It is not especially well written and the Author, Ben Freeth peppers the text with somewhat naive religous zeal, but you can’t help but admire Mr Freeth and the rest of their family for the stand they took and as such I applaud them.

I thoroughly recomend that everyone reads this book but add the caveat that it will upset you, especially if you have a heart.

Book Reviews

Posted: 23/08/2011 in Book Reviews

I’ve now read half a dozen or so of Duncan Falconer’s books and thoroughly enjoyed them all. This latest one Pirate is not significantly different from the others they are not the most intellectual of reads coming from the same vein as Chris Ryan and Andy Macnab one hard special forces operative against improbable odds taking on the bad guys but I like the supension of belief and escapism that these sort of books provide.

Falconer’s central character is in the Special Boat Service based out of Poole and holds the normal SAS types of these types of novel in some contempt which is amusing.

anyway enough of my waffling buy this book if you like this sort of thing.


Mr Bunny Chow

Book Reviews

Posted: 19/08/2011 in Book Reviews, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe

I have just finished reading Wilbur Smith’s Elephant Song.

As a Zimbabwean I should love Wilbur Smith’s books but for some reason despite many attempts I have often struggled with his writing style. With that in mind I approached this book with some trepidation, but I needn’t have been concerened Elephant Song grips you from the very begining, the characters are strong and well thought out. The descriptions of the landscapes beautifully rendered in your mind and the tale does not let up. 500+ pages dissapeared in next to no time leaving me wanting more.

Highly Recommended.

Current Book Reviews

Posted: 08/08/2011 in Book Reviews

Here I will publish reviews of books that I have recently read plus occasionally some older ones that I feel are worth a mention. I’ll try and come up with a rating system and where available I will provide links to buy them from Amazon.

My current read is “The Infidel by Bob Shepherd, he’s a new author to me but I understand he’s another ex SAS take on half the worlds terrorist type like Andy Macnab, Chris Ryan etc. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Now that I finished it, I can highly recomend it, great cliff hanger ending, keeps up the pace throughout, could easily be the next Chris Ryan, Andy Mcnab etc etc…

I have just finished off The Hunter by Tom Wood.
I’ve found it thoroughly readable although a little thin on the plot, read it if you like the Jason Bourne books 3 assasins out of 5


Mr Bunny Chow