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I was given a fantastic opportunity over the weekend to shoot some test make-up and costumes for a local film project.

I think I must have done a good job because they’ve asked me back to do some more shoots for them in the future and possibly even behind the scenes stuff when they begin filming.

I can’t go into too much detail at the moment as no dates have been finalised and no rates agreed other than that I’m cheap.

I hope you like this selected out take of images from Saturday.

CRW_4603_lzn CRW_4610_lzn CRW_4641_lzn CRW_4656_lzn CRW_4662_lzn CRW_4670_lzn CRW_4682_lzn CRW_4696_lzn CRW_4730_lzn CRW_4730_lzn glow CRW_4768_lzn CRW_4774_lzn CRW_4789_lzn CRW_4791_lzn DSCF6112 ir

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Mr Bunny Chow



Has it really been over a month since I last shared something with you?

Seriously I am a bad bad blogger.



I’m going to keep this post short and sweet too as I just wanted to tell you about a fantastic novel I read recently by one of my blogging friends TBM. She was kind enough to send me a preview copy but you can download your’s from this link.


It’s essentially a romance novel and if I’m honest I’m not a great reader or lover of general chick lit, but because it was written by a friend I dived right in and lo and behold there I was at 3 am emailing her about how much I’d loved it and wrapped up in the whole thing. Seriously this is not your usual chick lit, this has steamy lesbian romps, it has humour it has relationship stuff that red-blooded males can relate to alongside beautiful romance and sweetness.

Please Support TBM and buy this book.

I promise I’ll be back soon (maybe even later today) with some pretty pictures from a recent photo shoot.


Mr Bunny Chow