A couple of weeks ago I created a post asking for advice from you my dear friends of the blogosphere and in return I offered a print to my favourite comment, we’ll get to the winner in a moment but I just wanted to apologise first for being so quiet of late, I’ve been incredibly busy around the house with the boys. I’ve also been out and about on the town with the wonderful creative partnership that is Lenses of Croydon I’m really excited to have become involved with them and no doubt you will be hearing more from me about them in the coming weeks months and years.

I have decided for the time being not to exhibit my work, this is in the most part due to the cost vs. reward I’m sure you all understand that raising kids is not a cheap exercise and whilst I’m fairly confident that the exhibition would have just about broken even I’m not confident that any real money would have been made and when belts are as tight as mine and Mrs BC’s even the small outlay is beyond the current budget.

I of course reserve the right as always to change my mind in the future when metaphoric belts are loosened.

Thank you all for your feedback I greatly appreciate it.

Back to excuses, I have managed to complete a diploma in photography, I doubt it’s going to make me any money either but I thoroughly enjoyed it and certainly learned a fair bit. Since completing it I’ve enrolled on another course with www.camera-school.co.uk. I’ve picked up a little freelance web design work for a local photographer and am deep within the throes of forcing my eldest to abandon Nappies/Diapers in favour of the big boys toilet. My youngest also stole my mouse and has a habit of switching off the computer in the middle of whatever I am doing so if this post seems disjointed that would be because I’ve abandoned and returned to it several times in fits of rage.

Oh yes, my favourite feedback actually came through Google+ and was made by an old school friend the hugely talented musician Matthew Gair, I’ve written about him before although not for some time so please do take a moment to give him a listen.

I’ve included a few recent pictures below from my adventures with the Lenses of Croydon Family for your perusal and commenting pleasure.

Big Cock

Big Cock

Man in a snakeskin suit

Man in a snakeskin suit



Smile London

Smile London

Thank you all again


Mr Bunny Chow

  1. TBM says:

    Love the snakeskin suit.

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