I was planning on using these posts purely for comic effect but I have to report on this one and anyway sod it it’s my blog I can do and say what I please.

after last weeks chaos with children’s lurgy induced stay at home dad before I’m supposed to be a stay at home dad the return of the boys to nursery and me to my penultimate Monday in the office was a little rushed this morning and as such I probably didn’t handle or deal with this utterance with as much excitement or deference as I should have done at the time, in fact I think my response to Mrs BC when she pointed it out to me was something along the lines of “that’s nice Dear, but we’re late”. This has weighed rather heavily on my mind all day and I’ve realised that I’m a complete arse and should instead have lavished said child with praise and adoration.

What can I say, I’m a prize arse who’s not much good with mornings, especially mornings when I’m running late.

I hear you cry from the peanut gallery “what was this darn utterance from your progeny?”

I stress again, I’m a total arse, who should be strung up by his short and curlies by the gods of karma.

Todays utterance came from my youngest and was quite simply “Dad”

God I’m a prize arse.

He’s been babbling for some time now and we’ve had plenty of “mamamamama’s” and “dadadadadada’s” but this was quite clearly “Dad”.

I cannot wait until the end of next week when I remove myself from the rat race and can properly dedicate my heart and soul to my dear sweet innocent boys to the extent that they so rightly deserve.

Sometimes we just have to slow down and consider what’s important in life, would it really have mattered if I was two minutes later for work? No not really, I’m the boss anyway and even if my boss who’s not been in today had queried it, what was he going to do, fire me?

Sometimes in life you do things you wouldn’t dream of doing if you thought about them.

I really hate myself today.

What an arse I am.


Mr Bunny I’m an Arse Chow

  1. I think that you have beaten yourself up enough about this–now enjoy the fact that he said dad–it is something you will always remember

  2. Awww, don’t be so hard on yourself. We all do things like this and you know you will make up for it tonight. The fact that you feel so bad about it makes you an amazing dad in my books!!

  3. TBM says:

    I know the memory is painful, but you can’t change it. And like you said, soon you will have all the time to appreciate and acknowledge the little things, which are the most important. for me, I’ve found hugs help me get over these things. I’m sending you a hug.

  4. Jan says:

    Mr BC don’t feel so bad. I am sure that The Bug is not in the least traumatised and ask yourself is it going to matter in a month/year’s time. I doubt it. Having said that we should take time to listen and smell the roses so to speak.

  5. I agree with the comments that have been made. We all are distracted sometimes and miss important things. Enjoy the many repeat performances of “dad”.

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