Kids Say the Darndest Things # 1

Posted: 04/12/2012 in being dad, Bunny Chow, Kids Say the Darndest Things
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I’m hoping that this will become a semi regular mini series with its title pinched from the genius that is Bill Cosby and the idea from the twitter feed Sh*t My Dad Says 

Mrs BC and I were awoken at 03:09am this morning by an unholy amount of screaming initially from The Monkey Boy and followed shortly by the bug.

I of course leapt out of bed and dashed to the rescue with absolutely no kicking or prompting from Mrs BC to find The Monkey Boy standing at the top of the stairs with tears streaming down his rosy little cheeks.

My sympathies of course clouded in fug of sleep, I still managed to ask the poor traumatised little tike what was wrong to hear the words, “Stood on the cat Daddy” now why he was wandering around the house at three in the morning to stand on the cat is unknown and with the whole household now awake, and at least two of them screaming blue murder it was time for a yoghurt party, yep you’re reading that right Mrs BC and I both had to get out of bed and feed these sweet little angels yoghurt at three in the morning to placate them before they would go back to sleep.

Today’s caffeine intake has been high.


Mr Bunny Chow

P.S. any thoughts on the snow now falling down the blog page (only available via the main site

  1. I’m amazed – that caffeine must be good. If I’d been woken up to that at 3am and then forced to feed little ones yogurt, you can be sure no blog would have made it out.
    About the snow – all the sites seem to have it now and I’m getting so used to it that I barely notice it at all. How quickly we become used to new things.

  2. Oh how I remember those days 😃. You have my sympathy!! But really, you wouldn’t change your situation for anything would you?

  3. Thought my eyes were going on me when I saw it on someone else’s blog–then saw the explanation and signed up for it hoping to make someone else think they were going crazy–can I have a treat tonight at 3 a.m.?

  4. zelmare says:

    Lol!!!! The joys of parenthood…

  5. TBM says:

    I don’t have kids, but when I’m around them, I’m amazed by how they think. One boy told me he knows he’s hiking when he’s walking on dirt. Seemed like a good definition to me.

  6. […] Kids Say the Darndest Things # 1 ( […]

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