you’re probably wondering how I’ve been able to type this so soon after surgery to my thumb and the simple answer is that I haven’t had the surgery yet, I went through all of the de-lousing, fasting, stressing and panicking and presented myself to the day surgery unit yesterday at the prescribed time where I waited and sat about for a while before a kindly nurse led me through to the inner sanctum and went through the checking in procedure with me, checking that I’d done everything I was supposed to, ensuring that I’d removed my wedding ring watch etc, fitting me with an ID bracelet explained the infamous backless gown, paper underwear with flattering giant access panel and super sexy anti deep vein thrombosis leggings.

I then got to be fitted with an ID anklet just in case I managed to lose my id bracelet when I was told that my surgeon was there to see me, excellent I thought she’ll just want to discuss what they’re doing again and prod and contort my battered thumb some more before making some drawings and explaining her plans. My initial assumption was initially proved correct, she battered, prodded and contorted me whilst asking if she was causing any discomfort, I nodded in the affirmative to all of her prods and pokes whilst doing my best not to scream, when eventually after all this (she was probably only at it for five minutes but it felt like hours) she said that unfortunately she was going to have to cancel my scheduled surgery due to an emergency that had come in. She then went on to apologise that I had wasted my journey and time off work and that of my carer etc. She then went on to say that she would try to fit me in again after her holiday in 3 to 4 weeks.

I fixed her with my best steely gaze, she obviously understood this to mean that I was preparing to wreak havoc or cry, either way she suggested that on second thoughts that although due to the complexity of my procedure only a consultant would be able to undertake my operation she would speak with Mary the bookings clerk and see if she couldn’t perhaps postpone one of her scheduled operations from Thursday (12.07.12) until after her holiday and slot me in then.

At this point I was dismissed to go and get back into my normal clothes, disposing of my gown, sexy socks and flattering paper underwear.

I was then taken in by a kindly nurse of the old school who could clearly see that I was rather unimpressed and given a strong sweet tea and a biscuit whilst Mary ran around and did her thing, presumably with some success as I’m to present myself for surgery again at 12 tomorrow.

I do hope that they actually go ahead this time as I’m in agony today from Mrs Surgeons proddings and pokings and not sure if Mrs BC can take any more of my grumpiness.


Mr Bunny Chow

  1. simixion says:

    WTF Mr. Chow ..What’s up with the finger mate bring me up to speed here as this sounds hardcore. Is it linked to that MRSA thing ? I mean wtf does the NHS think they are doing making you loose one day off work for nothing. Are they going to pay you for the time lost ???

    • sadly Simixion the NHS couldn’t care less about making me wait or wasting my time, this surgery dates back to me stabbing myself in the thumb just before Christmas and severing a nerve, of course being Christmas I just bandaged myself up before seeing my GP a week later who then instead of sending me straight to see a surgeon gave me some antibiotics and delayed things further, by the time I got to see my first surgeon nearly a month had passed and he decided that I should see one of his colleagues at another hospital on the other side of town the next day. So armed with X-Ray’s showing the cracked knuckle bone I presented myself to the specialist hand unit at St Georges (I know ironic name) the next day, they decided at this point that there was now too much scarring to operate at this point but they’d organise some physio and see me again in a month or so to reasses, six week later and no physio or follow up appointment and me still unable to sleep properly without anagesics I being pestering again and this time get an appointment with my present surgeon the head honcho Mrs somethingcomplicated, She can’t believe I’ve had to wait this long but at the same time because it has been so long sauggests that she book me in for a routine day surgery soon but not urgently, that was March and yesterday was that surgery appointment.


      • oh and in answer to your question about the MRSA thing, yes I must have picked it up during one of those early outpatient appointments and the de-lousing procedure was in preperation for this appointment. If they had delayed by more than 7 days I would have had to begin de-lousing all over again.

  2. Bassas Blog says:

    I am very sorry to hear that you had to endure that ordeal (wearing the infamous backless gown and paper underwear with flattering giant access panel) without the actual operation taking place. I hope the operation can be re-scheduled for sometime soon.

  3. hey Bunny Chow! How’s the thumb? My hand is slowly returning to useable.
    NHS in Scotland is better, but still has some “issues” (cough) I could do a full scale rant on last year’s fiasco of 10 doctors, 18 blood tests… but why waste good fingers on that!? Hope you’re recovering well. Do remember to nag them about physiotherapy. I’ve been told by the neuroseurgeon I’ve lost 60% muscle in my hands, esp thumb and need physio… yeah right. :-\ She has no idea how much nagging that takes on the outside, but I am going to nag. I want my hands back!

    • HI Michelle, thumb is sore but fine, got a follow up appointment this Friday so holding thumbs I’ll have more news then, glad your recovery is going smoothly.

  4. I might also suggest getting voice recognition software. I’ve been using Dragon Naturally Speaking for ten years. I couldn’t do as much as I do if I had to actually type everything.

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