The next of my shares for Nick and Shannon’s community collaboration project falls under the title of Chuck Norris was here.

What more can I say really.

the rest of the list includes

  • “Chuck Norris Was Here”
  • “Big Foot Footprint”
  • Reflected Love
  • Abstract Self Portrait
  • Framed Moon
  • “Whats your sign”
  • Anti-gravity
  • Unusual Perspective
  • Abandoned
  • Silence
  • Pride and Joy
  • Emerging Star
  • Buried Treasure
  • Sparkler fun
  • Clownin Around Upside-down
  • Lyric Quotograph
  • Summer
  • Patriotism
  • Night


Mr Bunny Chow

  1. And because its Chuck Norris, he’s not worried about the 7 years bad luck! Lol Love the bokeh, great shot. 🙂

  2. mwdurr says:

    I forgot, when is the due period for this?

    • Matt, they’re due by the end of the month

      • mwdurr says:

        Dang, no way I can get enough in time.

      • I won’t get through them all either but some is better than none, I’d love to see what you do manage

      • mwdurr says:

        I’ve really just got my hands full. Keeping up with what I’m trying to do with the site, as well as life in general, is enough for me. I’ll look at the list again if I get some free time, but it’s surprisingly a luxury even this summer. 🙂
        You’re doing good though. Thanks for keeping up with my stuff too.

      • thanks Matt, I do all of my shooting whilst walking my dog, it’s not ideal but it’s the only free time I have

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