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Howdy Readers,

I thought I’d give you a brief update having been back to see my GP (general practitioner) this morning.

I completed my course of antibiotics over the weekend, as suspected I wasn’t very good at taking them on time until I set myself phone reminders that bugged me until I did but still I completed the course so there is no further fear of infection. The wound itself is now completely healed over leaving just some tender keloid (scar) tissue so nothing else is likely to get in there.

I still have no pain receptors in the tip of my thumb or distal phalanx as the doctor likes to call it and am still extremely sore and stiff in the pad at the base of my thumb or thenar and first two fingers.

The GP has now referred me to see the consultant hand surgeon at my local hospital to see what else if anything can be done. The GP has also advised that I now stop wearing the brace during the day and that I massage my thenar regularly to encourage healing.

Now it’s just waiting to see how quickly I can get an appointment to see said surgeon and continuing to take pain medication to manage in the interim.

hope you’re all well


Mr Bunny Chow

Well I’ve managed to stick to at least the first week of my two resolutions, I’ll be posting about the culinary experience on but I have managed to take a new and unique photo to share with you here.

the picture was taken using Hipstamatic on the iPhone 4 and I further lowered the exposure using the creative tools on Google+ I’ve gone on a bit of a dark and dreary bender for really underexposed black and white at the moment so I suspect quite a few of my early pictures in this series will have a similar feel. 

Project 52 Week 1

Please let me know what you think of the picture and let me know if you’d like a copy sans the amateur watermarks.


Mr Bunny Chow



Howdy readers,

Just thought I’d throw this story out there and ask if any of you had experienced similar injuries or had any thoughts or advice.

On the Friday before Christmas we had some friends over for gift giving and a few drinks and whilst I was distracted by drinks fetching and an over excited toddler who wanted their new toys out of the near impenetrable packaging now I managed stab myself in the left thumb right on the middle knuckle joint. I wasn’t overly concerned at the time, sure it was sore and bled but a plaster soon fixed things up and stopped the bleeding and the knife I’d used was relatively clean and very sharp so initially just put it down to experience and was thankful I didn’t stab anyone else or gouge a bigger hole out of myself.

Over Christmas though my thumb, thumb pad and first two fingers of my hand became more and more stiff and painful with a constant pulse throbbing in the tip of the afflicted thumb. I still wasn’t overly concerned though as could still move everything and my tetanus is up to date following a previous incident with an angry cat. But come the middle of the week it became inevitable that a trip to the doctors was now unavoidable.

He looked at the would and agreed with my own conclusion that the cut although deep was too small to have been stitched, that tetanus wasn’t a concern and that as I could bend the stabbed joint all be it painfully that there was unlikely to be ligament damage. What he did do that I’d not considered was some sensitivity tests in the end of the thumb and at that point I realised that although I could just about feel pressure I’d lost the pain receptors forward of the injury.

The quack has prescribed the usual broad spectrum antibiotics and recommended that I wear a brace to immobilise the thumb as much as possible and go back and see him in a couple of weeks.

I’m hopeless when it comes to taking drugs as I often forget especially when they’re four times a day jobs like the ones he’s given me but I am trying and the open wound has now pretty much healed over with just a little swelling and a bit of peeling skin left but my hand is still aching pretty much constantly and there is not difference in the amount of feeling I have in the tip of my thumb.

So anyway after all that rambling what I’d like to know is if anyone out there has experienced a similar injury and what sort of timeframes you experienced before you healed.

I’ll keep you all posted on how I get on.


Mr Bunny Chow

A very happy new year to all of you, I hope that 2012 brings you much joy and happiness.

I’ve had a fantastic couple of weeks off with my family over the holidays and done nothing about updating my blogs or reading anyone elses but now it’s time to do something about catching up (not sure if I’ll find the time but I’ll try) and set myself some goals for the new year.

As many of you will know I’m a keen amateur photographer and use both my iPhone 4 and excellent Fuji HS20EXR to capture shots of all sorts of things ranging from the standard happy snaps of the kids to attempts at being arty and interesting as well as some of the food I cook and eat. This passion is something I’ve had for many years but when I bought the Fuji last year I realised I had little or no idea what I was actually doing and the good shots I was getting were more down to luck and what little I remembered about composition from my school art classes. As many of you know I whine a lot and being a wonderful and caring wife Mrs BC very sweetly bought me a know your camera lesson for Christmas where I’ll be able to spend a couple of hours with a pro at the end of this month and get a better understanding of why some shots work and others don’t.

Now with the above in mind and given the lack of free time I already have I’m not at a point in my life where I feel I can commit myself to a full 365 photo a day project but am ready to commit to sharing at least one unique photo a week with my readers or project 52. I will try to learn something new with each picture and at least vary my subjects but come the end of the year there may well just be 52 photo’s of the kids or the dog we’ll have to see how it goes. I’ll attempt with each post to include some geeky info such as the camera used, what post processing if any I used, location and subject if it’s not obvious.

As always I appreciate any and all feedback but with these posts in particular I’d really love your critiques and thoughts about each photo as well as any advice you may be willing to impart.

My second goal or target for the year is to try to cook or eat something new each week, now I don’t necessarily mean a new ingredient although there may well be some of those but I’d like to try to either make up or try at least one unique recipe each week. Failing that I’d at least like to try something new to me in a restaurant or with friends. I’ll endeavour to share as many of these as possible with you through my other blog Mr Bunny Chow Cooks and again appreciate any ideas tips and feedback.

There ends my stated aims and ambitions for 2012 I hope you all stick with me and enjoy the ride as much I as I plan to. Who knows we might even learn something together.

Take care and keep in touch


Mr Bunny Chow