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I thought I’d experiment and do a gallery post of some recent photo’s that I’m proud of.

they were taken with either my Fuji HS20EXR or little compact Canon IXUS 107 and have had minimal editing other than a little cropping.

I shot them in black in white, partly because I love black and white pictures but also because I’m trying to improve my composition and shooting in black and white gives me one less thing to think about when composing a shot.

Please let me know what you think of the pictures

blackberry boy

bug eye

Bunny eyes

dribble BugMr Plod



faded roseSwallow Sidecar and unidentified motorcycletechnology for the children

Good Morning all,

as you’re no doubt aware by now I’ve been loosely following my personal 52 week photography contest by following some of the suggested themes on Google+ and this weeks suggested theme was eye’s.

For once it’s not an iPhone picture either but one taken with my small compact Canon IXUS 107, it’s a very small, cheap and simple point and shoot but does capture some brilliant pictures if you play with it enough. I’ve also set it to only take pictures in Black and White, partly just because I like black and white photography and partly to make myself focus more on composition than whether or not I like the colours etc and invariably changing it the black and white in post later anyway.

Below is some of the photo data if you’re interested, I also fiddled a little with the contrast and exposure levels using the Google+ photo editor.

Camera: Canon IXUS 107
Exposure: 0.017 sec (1/60)
Aperture: f/5
Focal Length: 15 mm
ISO Speed: 500
Flash Used: Yes

any way without further ado here is my eye photo.


I know I know I said I’d break out the big camera whilst in Wales but spending time with family got ahead of us and I never got around to it, so you’ll have to tolerate another Hipstamatic shot taken whilst out dog walking.

The suggested theme for this week was “UP” which I hope this captures, what do you guys think?

you can also see more pictures from this walk here


Mr Bunny Chow

Good Morning campers,

I know I promised you something from Wales for this week but being part of the google+ Project 52 group I thought when I saw the suggested theme for week 3 that instead I would post this hipstamatic picture instead.

I know that the theme was the rule of 1/3rds but I’ve gone for the rule of 13 instead.

Photo is mildly edited using picasa and cropped.

I hope you enjoy it


Mr Bunny Chow

rule of 13



I am infuriated The Sun that most respected and widely distributed newspaper of the ill-informed proletariat has published a ridiculous headline grabbing piece of nonsense about hunting in Africa complete with pictures of hunters and their families posing next to trophy giraffe.

They then go on to say how giraffe numbers are dwindling across the continent and then down the bottom allow a little comeback which brings in as an almost aside that professionally managed hunting is actually paying for the majority of conservation in Africa.

Without big money hunters spending big money to hunt miniscule numbers of animals conservation measures like CAMPFIRE (Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources) would not exist and the wildlife protected would cease to have value to the local population who in turn would cull these animals as pests and for food without any meaningful regulation.

I am a nature lover and hunter and am disgusted that such nonsense can be published and distributed without properly informed or reasoned debate.

Now before you weigh in and say poor pretty giraffe in the Sun’s pictures just stop for a moment and think beyond the headline that this giraffe probably lived a far better life than any domestic animal. He would have been an old bull who had probably sired several future generations and his trophy fee will have helped feed dozens if not hundreds of starving people as well as provided funding for game rangers and education in the very same areas from which the animal was hunted.

I’m going to stop now before my blood boils any further but I urge you next time to read beyond the headline and think.


Mr Bunny Chow

P.S. if you are interested in an ethical trip to Africa for hunting or just sightseeing you could do a lot worse than getting in touch with Joseph Nyabezi of Honey Badger Tours 




Below is my second submission for my 52 week long photo project, it is again an iPhone shot using hipstamatic.

We’re off to Cardiff in Wales next weekend so hope to break out my big camera and take some different style shots.

Any guesses as to what this picture is of.


Mr Bunny Chow

Dear Monkey Boy,

Two years and thirty-four minutes ago you became part of my life. From that very first minute I knew that I had a purpose in life you have grown so fast into a beautiful little boy who brings me joy every day.

I often think how perfect you are and wish you’d stop growing up right at that minute but then you grow and change again and just get more and more amazing every day.

I love you with all of my heart.

Happy Birthday.