Scam Saga Update

Posted: 02/12/2011 in idiots, Oiks

an update from Craig at Damn Fine Food, I’ve suggested he sends them a postcard with a tracking number and a big proud get stuffed from Australia.

Anyway have a read of what he has to say below


Mr Bunny Chow

One thing I have to report on is that the scam saga continues.  It really is amazing the lengths that these people will go to.  They won’t fool me, but it annoys me that so many people will get fooled by them.

After not corresponding with them further they went silent and I thought that was it, however I received an email stating that if I did not send the tracking number within 24 hours that my eBay account will be suspended.  Their email still comes from the domain so it’s clear that it is them.  The next step that I will take is to notify Yahoo that one of their accounts is being used for scams, and I will also report the scammers to the domain authority and ISP to try and get their domains revoked.


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