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Posted: 21/11/2011 in being dad, iPhone
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As some of you will know I’m an amateur when it comes to photography but it’s a medium I adore and am always looking to learn.

I shoot a lot using my iPhone 4 and it’s built-in camera as well as several of the well-known apps like hipstamatic and instagram to play with colours etc which is great fun and certainly easy to create stunning and thoughtful pictures with.

Earlier in the year we were burgled and our insurance payout meant that I could replace my old Fuji S5000, with a more modern camera and following much soul searching and thought decided against buying a full fat DSLR, partly because of the prohibitive cost of zoom lenses and even more because of the flexibility given by modern super zoom bridge camera’s right out of the box.

I researched dozens of models but having so loved my old Fuji I set my heart on the excellent HS20EXR it’s a stunning bit of kit with a zoom range from 24mm to 720mm equivalent or 30x optical zoom in new money. It also retained my preference for using standard AA batteries as rechargeables are cheap and they’re available worldwide.

In the few months that I’ve had it I’ve managed to capture some stunning pictures and I’ve not regretted my choice one iota.

As a father of two under two’s I don’t have a huge amount of free time to go out and play with my camera, but alongside taking hundreds of pictures of them I’m hoping to set myself some challenges or learning assignments to take my photography to the next level and would appreciate any reader ideas and feedback for what I should take on.

I’d also be keen on taking part in photowalks in the greater London area if anyone knows of any coming up.

As time is not something I have in abundance I’m also keen to try to keep my photography pure and stay out of the editing room so am not interested in learning about HDR style photography or playing in lightroom or other expensive adobe software hourstealers. I might use Picnik to change to black and white and fill highlights or shadows but that’s my lot.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Mr Bunny Chow


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