G’day to you dear readers,

I apologise for the rambling nature of the below post it has been written in dribs and drabs over the last week or so mostly in a fug of sleep deprivation whilst sitting on my throne so if it seems disjointed and rambling that’s why.

Firstly I’d like to discuss Social Media and my use of it.

I’ve been a Facebook user of some addiction for a good number of years now and partially through the intervention of Mrs Bunny Chow and partly through self realisation I have realised that it was impacting in a negative way on my real life relationships not only with my friends who I never see but also on the amount of quality time I have been spending with my wife and kids so I have begun taking steps to change this. Firstly I have deleted the Facebook app from my phone which stops me checking and reading random posts from people I barely know a hundred and fourteen times a day. Thus far I have also managed to resist the urge to log on via a PC and check through the same random posts. I have not turned off notifications though so if I am sent a message or tagged I will still get an email letting me know and allow me to deal with it if you feel it really is the way you want to interact with me although the email address rantingmrbunnychow@gmail.com is probably easier. I also still have the ability to post to Facebook through my phone although this will most likely be limited to letting people know there is a new post on this blog and major life events.

Twitter and I have always had an off again on again relationship, I do post stuff up there having just passed my thousandth tweet and I interact with a few people I’ve met through the site but mostly I use it as a way to follow the Zimbabwe Cricket team and the odd break to check out which random minor celebrity has said nothing interesting.

I love google+ but find myself using in a different way to the aforementioned social media sites. Yes it’s great for sharing pictures and random stuff off the internet with your friends and family but what I really love about it is the ability to create circles to follow and the amount of incredible photographers I have been able to interact with and learn from without having to bore my friends and family with my levels of geekery.

Outside of traditional social media I have since beginning this blog begun using google reader to follow other bloggers something I have previously ignored in my explorations of the internet and discovered some fascinating reading material varying in topic and levels of geekery/interest. I won’t bore you/embarass myself with my full reading list but I’d like to mention a few of my favourites.

Firstly there is the genius that is Crappy Pictures which I won’t explain other than to say read it/look at the pictures. The woman has an insight into children that is creepily uncanny.

Next up are our friends Caroline and Craig whose blog Damn Fine Food talks about their exploration of Sydney’s finest eateries and is great if you’re looking for a little inspiration for dinner or just some food porn to make you jealous that you can’t afford to eat out as much as them. They also chuck in a couple of their own recipes and the odd book review to keep things interesting.

Lastly I’ll add a plug for another food blog that tickles my funny bones Cooking for Assholes is an American (that’s why they can’t spell arse) food blog who’s recipes are simple and wholesome but written in a hilarious style designed to be accessible to all. 

In other news, both kids are still mildly infectious with coughs and snuffles meaning restless nights, with the poor long-suffering Mrs Bunny Chow taking on the worst of it as I still need to come to work and at least try to look like I am doing something constructive. The Bug is going for his 8 week check today (he’s actually 9 weeks this week) and his first round of jabs so fingers crossed that will boost his immune system and we’ll begin seeing less disease in our house.

My working week has actually been pretty interesting if stressful and carried out under the inefficient fug of exhaustion, I have been organising an art competition for junior school and nursery kids or in fact five art competitions taking place in each of our showrooms. This has involved tracking down and persuading teachers/head masters etc to take part, chasing up on the artwork once completed, collecting said art work and arranging display panels, flyers, invitations, competition prizes, kids entertainment etc etc. Not my normal line of work but it has been great fun although I look forward to it all being over.

I’ll leave this ramble there for now as it’s all tied together fairly cohesive way, at least in my head, and put together another post of shorter rambles over the next couple of days. 

Take care all and as always


Mr Bunny Chow

  1. Caro says:

    Just got around to reading this now, and wanted to say thanks for the plug. 🙂 Our copious amount of eating out is a direct relation to how cheap it is to run a household of cats instead of children. 😉 I really hope you guys get a bit of a break from all the illness soon, you’ve had way more than your fair share of that!

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