Sick Kids

Posted: 28/10/2011 in Uncategorized

So another week and yet again we have a sick child, The Monkey Boy or InfectaBoy as we’re now affectionately calling him has once again managed to get himself sick.

It all began when I collected him from nursery on Tuesday evening I was told that he had been coughing a lot (we’d noticed this too) it wasn’t that long since he’d last been on antibiotics for a chest infection, I forget the exact timeline but certainly since The Bug was born so in the last 6 or 7 weeks anyway.

The wonderfully attentive nursery team told me that they’d kept him indoors for the day and that he had been very dopey and cuddly all afternoon although not developed a temperature. They also told me that he’d fallen asleep in the afternoon something he never does with them although not that unusual when he’s at home (I guess we’re boring or tiring). He certainly did look miserable though.

By the time I got him home from the nursery though he was running a 39C temperature and looked even more miserable, of course we did what all parents of toddlers do, dosed him up with Calpol (baby paracetamol) and cough mixture and once knocked out on painkillers put him to bed. He certainly crashed hard but was awake and hungry by midnight and after a snack I moved into the bed in his room which thankfully is still there after my parents recent stay and he kicked snuffled and approximated sleep with me for the rest of the night.

Mrs Bunny Chow shuffled him off to the doctor’s surgery in the morning for them to confirm our suspicions he has bronchiolitis and Mrs Bunny Chow was dispatched to the pharmacy with a lengthy prescription for more antibiotics, steroid tablets and an inhaler with instructions to return and see another doctor that afternoon and the warning that if he hadn’t improved we may have to take him to hospital. Thankfully after he had been dosed with antibiotics, steroids and a few largely unsuccessful attempts at the inhaler he had improved sufficiently enough for that warning to have been removed by the time of the return visit.

That evening with me now able to assist Mrs Bunny Chow and I were able to deal with InfectaBoy’s numerous arms and legs and hold him down long enough to get him to inhale the prescribed dose of 10 pumps of the subutamol inhaler, I mean seriously who’s stupid idea was it to think that a toddler would hold still and calm while we pumped his lungs full of drugs via gas mask type spacer.

Still we managed to get it done and after more doses of the beloved Calpol he was put to bed and awoke yesterday morning without a temperature and although the cough is still there we’ve sent him back to nursery where he is at least happy. 

We will of course continue dosing him up as prescribed and I’m making yet another visit to the GP’s with him after work/nursery this evening.

I guess the reason I’ve decided to come and have a rant is purely because we’ve had such a run of sick kids and wondered if any of you dear readers have had similar experiences and how you coped with the exasperation, worry and concern around your kids being sick.

I’d love to hear from you.


Mr Bunny Chow

  1. Mark says:

    Wow Rob, you guys have had a bad run of late. I do sympayhise and can somewhat relate with recent doses of gastro, ear infections, tomsoloitis and colds for our little 2 year old. He seems to get better with one thing and down with the next in the space of a day or two. We should get a royalty card from baby panadol Australia! The joys!

  2. Nikki says:

    Yes i have had the nightmare of a constant sick child.. it all started when George started nursery..George, me and Rik were ill on and off and i think it lasted for approx 3 months until i demanded anti bots from the doctor.. then George had his MMR followed by lots of teething so that was another 6 weeks of constant illness.. earlier this year G has the D+V as they politely call it and that lasted 2 weeks.. and this last 2 weeks we have had coughs and colds, and now G has been vomiting the last few days..
    George’s sickness levels have certainly slowed down now.. and he doesnt seem to get a temperature with every sniffle.. The last high fever (into the 39’s) was Xmas last year.. since then only 1 other with the d+v but not above 38…

  3. Thanks for the feedback Mark and Nikki I really do appreciate it, I’m sorry that you too have had to suffer the pain and worry that sick kids bring about but also take comfort in knowing that we’re not unusual.

    please let me know if either of you would like to write guest posts about your experiences I know that I have found it highly theraputic.

  4. Nikki says:

    i would be very happy to write about things for you… the first time George was ill was at 5 weeks, pretty much the same thing as the Bug.. George had suspected late-onset strep-b meningitis. which resulted in 2 LP (lumber punctures for those that dont know) and some very harsh drugs. The first LP was not done correctly so the 2nd was done 24 hours later after a million drugs had entered G’s body so they came back negative but did show some sort of infection..
    Its the worst time of any parents life, and to hear your child screaming whist an LP is performed nearly broke me.. daily anti-bots were given for 8 days until my little man was better.

    My main point of this mini story (Mr Bunny Chow explained it all in his post) is to warn any parents, mainly the mothers, of Strep-B.. as mothers are the carriers.. i was lucky that i knew i had it but many women dont and it is not one of the general tests during pregnancy. It can be very fatel to a newborn if undetected.. if you want more info etc then feel free to ask..

    And if you want more info on ectopic pregnancies the ask away too!! im getting good with this subject!
    I now have my appointment with the fertility clinic so we shall see what happens from there…

    Sorry to ramble and sorry if some of this content was not what you wanted, feel free to deleted unrequired bits!


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