Further reflections on fatherhood

Posted: 20/10/2011 in Uncategorized

Six weeks ago today The Bug came into our lives and has turned everything upside down all over again.

Angry Bug

 How such a little bundle of angry humanity can inject itself so deeply into your soul is something that fascinates me. Mrs Bunny Chow and I debated at length the wisdom of having a second child, we both grew up as only children and are relatively well-adjusted adults, I was certainly spoiled, Monkey Boy already had a dog and two cats to keep him company, we already loved him more than we believed it was possible to love anybody, how wise was it going to be to bring somebody else into this already chaotic and busy little home.

In the end poor prophylactic practice (i.e. no prophylactic) made the decision for us and we found ourselves quoting our mothers with the line we now know for a fact, it only takes once. This is of course not something that we regret happening we were both delighted if a little daunted at the news that the decision had been taken out of our hands and made for us in a fit of drunken passion and dog eviction.

Now of course the dog is back in the bed and I’m too scared to kiss my beloved wife for fear that this may happen again, but that is of course besides the point here, The Bug has arrived and in his six short weeks on the planet he has caused heartache, terror and huge amounts of sleep deprived joy. His presence has in no way caused our love for The Monkey Boy to diminish in any way shape or form but our hearts have simply opened up even wider to receive this new addition.

Last night I was gifted the ominous chance to learn for myself that one tired and hungry toddler who misses his Mummy plus one angry hungry little Bug is not in fact two children but that the amount of noise that they can creat multiplies exponentially with the addition of one. Now those of you out there that know me know full well that I am not a patient man, in fact judging by my ranting in these very pages even those of you that don’t know me know that I am not a patient man.

Yet here I found myself alone with these two beautiful little beings who were both wailing their heads off at the same time and whilst I fed and comforted the older boy the dog, the sweet bouncy stupid dog understood that she could help and began to lick the back of The Bugs head to try to comfort him and gosh darn it it actually worked and here I was in sole charge of these little people who moments before had been wailing their heads off and between the Dog and I we managed to make their lives happy and quiet again and  my heart just melted. I am not ashamed to say that I began to cry too, but mine were tears of joy that I have been blessed with an amazing wife who has blessed me with two beautiful children and a stupid dog.

It is at times like those when I cannot help but think how lucky I am and how through all the trials and tribulations that a young family brings into your life there is nothing else that I need other than to be surrounded by those that I love.

Thank you family and stupid dog for being part of my life.


Mr Bunny Chow


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