Being Dad Again

Posted: 09/09/2011 in Uncategorized

Good Morning dear readers,

I just wanted to drop you all a short note to tell you a little bit about the arrival of Monkey Boy Two, he was born at lunchtime yesterday 08.09.11 by Cesarean Section at Croydon University Hospital (Mayday in old money) weighing in at a whopping 9.1lbs and 58cms long.

There are some amazing things that happened on the day besides the happy and safe arrival that I thought I would share with you all.

Mrs Bunny Chow arrived at the hospital slightly apprehensive about the whole Elective Caesar thing and concerned although we knew all along that it was the right choice it is major surgery and not to be taken lightly. The initial wait was awful, the maternity triage unit, had zero privacy and we were both nervous and excited, but also irritated and bored and interesting cocktail.

After we’d been seen by the anaesthetist and surgeon a young man walked into our cubicle introducing himself as a trainee and querying our southern African accents, we gave him a brief rundown of our history and he began telling us about his and how he’d recently had a Son himself, his story sounded vaguely familiar to me and then it all clicked into place, I’d read his story and sent it to Mrs Bunny Chow a week or two ago and the excellent Bumi Beat Blog wow what a small world. Talking more to him it also became apparent that our parents were acquaintances.

Tom Stayed with us throughout preparation, filling in all the notes, doing blood pressure checks keeping us calm and informed and was genuinely lovely, he made the whole experience so much better than it could have been and he’s going to make a fantastic doctor when he’s finished his training. I thank him from the bottom of all of our hearts.

The surgery itself was as uneventful as these things can be, and Monkey Boy Two was brought into this world looking very much like a baby as opposed the the squashed little sausage we were handed when Monkey Boy One was born, I suppose that’s an advantage of the sunroof exit. I was a little concerned when I heard the surgeon mutter an expletive that was explained to me after as the umbilical cord had not only been wrapped around Monkey Boy Two’s neck but also had two knots in it which had we gone with natural childbirth would have severely affected his chances of survival and would almost certainly have resulted in an emergency C’Section anyway. Phew we made the right choice for once and all that fighting with consultants to get booked in for the surgery in the first place was justified.

Anyway Monkey Boy One and Two have now met, both Mrs Bunny Chow and Monkey Boy Two are doing brilliantly and I’m desperately in love with them both and think they’re amazing.

Take care all


Mr Bunny Chow


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