Being Dad part 1

Posted: 24/08/2011 in baby preparations, being dad

With the impending new arrival, I thought I’d write a few bits that I learned from the first time round.

Firstly, there are plenty of books, blogs, hints and tips out there, read them but treat them all with a healthy dose of “so that was your way of doing things.” There are no hard and fast rules and what works for some people might not work for you. The biggest tip I can give is to be open and relaxed.

Enjoy, the baby making, don’t constantly think that putting more effort into your bonking is going to make a stronger baby etc. etc. enjoy the time with your partner and don’t stress when it doesn’t happen right away but again don’t be surprised if it does. I’ve experienced both sides of the coin and can honestly say that your mother was right it only takes once, but I can also speak as someone who experienced the heartache and confusion of failed pregnancies, the disappointment when another month went by with nothing.

One of the hardest things to deal with as a bloke is that you are no longer part of the equation, all focus is now on Mrs You and that is tough especially when things are not going to plan. For this reason I would whole heartedly recommend getting involved in some sort of Ante-Natal classes, much like the books treat it as a OK so that’s your way but take advantage of meeting other couples at similar stages of the game to you. We chose the NTC as one of the bigger ones but I’m sure they are all pretty similar in layout.

It’s really nice to have a core of other blokes all feeling as nervous as you and really excited to have another person who won’t think them a wimp for wanting to talk. plus it’s a good excuse to go for a beer afterwards.

If possible try and go on a babymoon together, get used to drinking alone or abstaining altogether though, and don’t on pain of death assume that her not drinking creates a catch all excuse for her being the designated driver for the next nine months.

Whilst on the subject of nine months, they lie, it’s forty weeks which however you break it down does not add up to nine months. You will be reminded of this at length throughout as your beloved becomes bigger and grumpier, smile, nod, empathise.

Nookie, maybe, maybe not, he choice, she’s a pressure cooker of raging hormones, think back to being a teenager, actually no don’t, but the floods of hormones will be similar and she’s allowed to be moody, horny, weepy, cuddly and or evil, possibly all of these emotions will happen within minutes and as a man we have to accept these things. So in short, good luck I hope you do but if you don’t tough. I come back to my earlier point of enjoy bonking while you’re trying because you never know when you’re next gonna get it.

As the end of life as you know it approaches, remember to keep sober, have plenty of change for hospital car parks and if possible try not to panic. This is not something I’m very good at. When Mrs Bunny Chow went into labour with Monkey Boy, it had been snowing, it was the middle of the night, we were both exhausted and I was struggling to control my emotions. Mrs Bunny Chow was a champion but when after a night in hospital and not a lot happening except lots of pain for her, they suggested that we should go home and wait some more. I very impolitely explained to the hospital staff that they were more than welcome to wheel Mrs Bunny Chow out into the snow strewn car park but that I was taking her nowhere.

They were pretty good about this and did agree to let her stay.

I’ll write further updates of my experiences with both Monkey boy and the impending in the coming days but in the mean time here are a couple of books worth reading.

it’s a bit lad humourish but easy reading for those of you who aren’t big book people.

A fantastic book, written primarily for mums but hilarious and informative.

this series of books are brilliant, they are written in a no nonsense style and just give you how it is without rubbing their opinions in your face.


Mr Bunny Chow


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