Another idiot in my life

Posted: 15/08/2011 in parking

Our upstairs neighbour currently has their flat on the market and I’ve now come home two Saturdays in a row to find an estate agent parked in my driveway.

The first got a flea in his ear and a friendly reminder to let all of his colleagues know that they are not to park there. Needless to say I don’t think the viewer bought the property as when I got home this Saturday there was a Barnard Marcus Golf taking up not only my parking space but parking in my other car and blocking the space allocated to the upstairs flat that they were showing.

Of course being the sensitive caring neighbour I explained loudly and voiciferously that I expected her to move her vehicle immediately. She then wandered back into the flat and said she’d be out in a minute she was just going to finish off the viewing, ummmmm no you’re going to move your vehicle now.

Again I somehow doubt the young couple viewing are going to be buying the property.

I have now formally complained to the local branch of Barnard Marcus and to give credit where credit is due, that afternoon I recieved a message from the agent doing the viewing apologising for any inconvenience and the local branch manager has been in touch this morning to apologise and advise that she has let all of her team know where they can and can’t park.


Mr Bunny Chow


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