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Posted: 10/08/2011 in Africa, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe

Below are a couple of reviews of books I have read in the past that have changed my outlook on life in some way and hope they may inspire some of you. Some of these books are political commentaries, some are social commentaries, some are just fun reads.

Mukiwa by Peter Godwin.
I have also read When a Crocodile eats the Sun and The Fear, but I think this original is his best work, although I urge you to try them all. Peter grew up in the beautiful Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) and this book captures some of the magic all African children experience growing up on this amazing continent.

Don’t Lets go to the Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller.
Simarly to Mukiwa this is a tale of growing up in the Eastern Highlands during a time of war but it too captures the imagination and the powerful pull of Zimbabwe to all who have known her at her greatest and worst.

The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay.
A novel this time this is a powerful tale of an individual using his head to conquer his own weaknesses, it is the story of a young white boy of English heritage growing up in a deeply racist Afrikaans community and his own triumphs and failures along to way. Along with it’s sequel Tandia it is one of the most moving novels ever written.

The Part Time War by Rod Wells.
Stories about what it was like to be a driver on call up during the Rhodesian War.

Blood Sweat and Lions by David Lemon.
Something a little more cheerful this is the story of a man walking alone through the Zimbabwean bush from Kariba to Binga. An inspiring story even if he must be a nutter.
he also has a Blog at which contains the unpublished story of him rowing the length of Kariba and back on a kayak.

Bitter Harvest the Great Betrayal by Ian Douglas Smith.
Was he a great statesman or just a farmer, the combined autobiographies of the late Ian Douglas Smith. He declared UDI and led a nation in a time of war, you certainly can’t say he didn’t have balls.

Rainbows End by Lauren St John.
Another Story of a childhood growing up in war torn Rhodesia, you might have guessed that I like these sort of books, and that is almost true except that I hate them but yet find myself compelled to read them through some sort of twisted I need to understand my people kink, anyway this is a good one.

I’ve go loads of others that I will add to this list in due course.

I’d also welcome any suggestions you may have for stuff I’ve either forgotten or may not have read yet.


Mr Bunny Chow


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