Posted: 09/08/2011 in Croydon Riots, Oiks

I am ashamed to be a resident of Croydon, for years my friends family and I have joked about what a scummy area we live in. The events of the past twenty four hours have proved how accurate that assesment is.

My heart goes out to all of those individuals and businesses affected by the mindless violence and total lack of decorum expressed by the boroughs youths.

They have in one night managed to destroy beautiful buildings that have stood for over one hundred years surviving the bombings of two world wars and for what.

There does not appear to be any political agenda behind these disgusting scenes other than every oik and scumbag being out to get what they can for themselves.

I condemn them all and hope that they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law or prefferably their heads are stuck on a pike on Tower Bridge as a reminder to future oiks that being a dickhead is innexcusable.

I state here publically that if my children were ever to dare to engage in this sort of behaviour I would flog them and hand them into the local police station for immediate retribution. (he’s only eighteen months old and the other one is yet to be born)

Parents reign in your Oiks and let us rebuild our borough if not our sense of community.

I think I’ve ranted enough now although I could go on.


Mr Bunny Chow

  1. The below came in to my annonymously but makes a good point.

    Why am I listening to all the “youth representatives” telling me this is happening because the youth are forgotten, disillusioned and impoverished. They are wearing trainers worth into three figures, carrying Blackberries and iPhones.

    The youth of today have far more handed to them than I, or my generation, ever had.

    This is happening because the chav subculture has grown to the point where they can challenge and intimidate the rest of society.

    Political correctness is a disease which has allowed this culture to grow.

    Boris Johnson was brilliant today, a man asked him, on camera, “What about Mark Duggan” Boris' response was “It is about time that those rioting and looting stopped hearing social and economic justifications”. With that Boris walked away.

    Talk of asking parents to keep kids in is ridiculous, a friend of mine spent quite some time watching parents dropping kids off to join the looting in Croydon. The parents are, in many cases, encouraging this activity as they have the same mentality as their kids. From where do the police chiefs think these kids learn this attitude towards society?

    It is time to throw the psychology books and political vote winning handbooks away, arm our police and authorise deadly force to be used on anyone who is looting, attacking police or violently resisting arrest. This needs to be a permanent change to our policing in order to combat these sub humans.

    The mass boarding up of shops with flimsy chip board for tonight is pathetic. This is in effect handing fire fuel and shields to the rioters.

    Mark my words, tonight WILL be worse, things will continue to get worse until the police are armed or the military is brought in. No amount of talk or youth projects will stop those intent on getting something for nothing and moving in large groups so they can over power the authorities. Now they have learned this trick they aren't going to stop.

  2. thankfully last night remained quiet in Croydon without the widespread looting and destruction that we saw the night before.

    I remain gravely concerned though that once the policing levels return to normal we will see a return to wanton destruction and mindless violence

    I urge you to please look closely at the below link and contact the authorities if you think you may recognise any of the oiks pictured.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Please see below email from Gavin our local MP for your information.

    I was at the AGM of the South Norwood Residents Association last night. As I drove home, I saw several plumes of smoke rising from Croydon town centre. Given what had happened in London over the previous two days, I feared the worst and sure enough when I got home and turned on the TV I saw the shocking pictures of Reeves, a family business that has been in Croydon for generations, burning to the ground. My heart goes out to the residents whose homes and businesses have been devastated by this mindless criminality. I have spent all day in the town centre meeting many of them, as well as talking to the media, and I am now on my way to New Addington where the co-op was attacked in the early hours of the morning.

    When I get home tonight, I will have to explain what has happened to my eight year-old son. He will ask why people have done this. What can I tell him?

    The initial information I have received is that those who started the trouble weren't from Croydon. They have no stake in our town's future, though that hardly explains their actions. But we have to face the sad fact that some Croydonians joined in. We have to ask some tough questions about why it is that some people quickly resort to criminality when public order breaks down – questions about parenting, family breakdown, education, respect for authority, peer pressure but also about our increasingly divided society.

    However hard times might be though, whatever grievances people feel they have, there is no justification whatsoever for looting and arson. I have heard unconfirmed reports that some people were throwing stones at firemen who were trying to save people's lives. People who behave in this way aren't protestors; they are thugs pure and simple. They must be identified and brought to justice. There are lots of CCTV cameras in central Croydon so there will be plenty of pictures. I hope those who recognise someone will contact the police. And I hope that when the courts sentence those who are found guilty they will reflect the public outrage about what has happened in the severity of the sentence.

    The Prime Minister was right to cut short his holiday. He has just visited Croydon to meet with residents and businesses and he went away with a very clear message about what we require. The Metropolitan Police and the London Fire Brigade need to have sufficient resources to ensure that this criminality stops now. The Prime Minister reassured us that there will be 16,000 officers on London streets tonight, compared with 6,000 last night. They also need to take a much more robust approach and if there is no alternative we need to look at radical options such as the use of our armed forces.

    Croydon is the only home I have ever had. For the last 13 years, I have devoted much of my life to trying to make it a better place for people to live, working alongside politicians of all persuasions, public servants, businessmen and women and members of Croydon's vibrant community and voluntary sector. Last night, in just a few hours, a few hundred people did their worst to undo that work. They must not be allowed to win. I am proud at the number of constituents who have contacted me offering to help clean up the mess. If you want to help you can contact Croydon Council on 0208 726 6000.

    Parliament is being recalled on Thursday; I have applied to speak on the debate, if there are points that you would like me to raise, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Gavin Barwell

    MP for Croydon Central

  4. Thank you for that Anonymous, I have now met Gavin on a number of occasions and I have always found him to be aproachable, honest and generally non politician like.

    I particularly liked his quote. “When I get home tonight, I will have to explain what has happened to my eight year-old son. He will ask why people have done this. What can I tell him?”

    Well done Gavin, I salute you for your honesty. Please do get in touch with him if you have anything to say on the rioting or anything else in Croydon.

    his email address is gavin.barwell.mp@parliament.uk

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